Band Bio




 Terrible Musicians began one fateful summer in 2000. The dream of two untalented, aspiring musicians to prove to the world that a lack of ability is no deterrent when there is beer to bolster their efforts. The result is... well.... actually unsettling.

Two fun-loving musicians bringing high spirited Celtic music and laughter to wherever the road may lead them.

The Band

Scott Burnside: Vocals, Guitar, tin whistle, Harmonica
Steve Mc Sweeney: Percussion, Vocals, Mandolin, tin whistle, and "more cowbell!"

Influences & Inspiration

Empty Hats, Merry Mischief, Jim Hancock, Johnathan Coulton, Silly Wizards/Andy Stewart, Enter the Haggis, Rush, Jack Johnson, Talking Heads, The Cure, Johnny Cash, Elvis, The Police, Jimmy Buffet, They Might Be Giants

A Porch Song Production
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